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November 22, 2005

Daniel Friendly Website

I invite you to share my interests and obsessions. Here, you can find my fanfics as well as a few links - more to come as I update.

I am an active fanfic writer in two fandoms. I've been broadsided recently by my old love, Sherlock Holmes, which unfortunately has stalled my other fanfics for the moment. I've been writing actively for SH (Holmes/Watson slash, of course) using my journal, here, where all my SH fics are collected. Also, together with Macko_M (the_callum on LJ), I am still writing The Prince, The Knight, And The Fool, a Kindred: The Embraced/Highlander/Stargate SG-1 crossover novel.

My Highlander Fan Fiction and Stargate SG-1 Fan Fiction are archived here. I'm collecting Daniel Jackson trivia, and I'm compiling an article on the use of runes as a means of divination, where I explain in detail each rune and its meaning. At the moment I'm co-writing a lovel-length K:tE fanfic and am still working on three SG-1 fanfics. I'm also still working on the second chapter of "Brother's Keeper". Now and then, I'm putting new wallpapers onto the gallery page.

A few more links on the other topics of this site will follow. Please check back from time to time.

These pages are in English only, and I apologize for any mistakes in grammar or vocabulary, as it is not my native language.

Pull up a chair, get yourself a beer - and enjoy!

The lawmakers make me say this:

I hereby deny all responsibilty for the contents of any pages linked to this site. In other words, I'm responsible only for the contents of my own website, NOT for the contents of pages encountered following any off-site links.

The contents of some pages linked here are unsuitable for persons below legal age. You may also encounter topics not fit for casual browsing. Please consider your limitations before you proceed, and heed all warnings. If you are underage in your locality, please leave now.

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