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February 15, 2003

Wallpapers made by Erique (... uh, and some software...)

I've finally managed to get my hands on some decent software, and I'm inflicting the results on an unsuspecting public. Latest additions at the top.
In case you didn't notice, this page, too, is unapologetically Daniel-centered. There may be some slashy subtext cropping up as well.
You're welcome to use these images for personal stuff. In fact, I'd be incredibly flattered if you did. Just don't sell them. It'd be nice if you dropped me a line, just so I know where my images end up. Thanks!

Wallpaper 20
Wallpaper 19 Wallpaper 18 Wallpaper 17
Wallpaper 16 Wallpaper 15 Wallpaper 14
Wallpaper 11a
alternate version
Wallpaper 12 Wallpaper 13
Wallpaper 10 Wallpaper 10a
alternate version
Wallpaper 9 Wallpaper 8 Wallpaper 7
Wallpaper 6 Wallpaper 5 Wallpaper 4
Wallpaper 3 Wallpaper 2
Wallpaper 1


The screenshots used for making these wallpapers were made by me, although the images, characters and situations belong to MGM and a host of other companies. No copyright infringement is intended.

Comments? Suggestions? Let me know!

This page created on 2002-10-16
Wallpapers made with Ulead PhotoImpact 4
Screenshots made with an DVD/CD drive and DaVideo and PowerDVD software