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He's ancient. He's wise. He's powerful.

The Nosferatu curse has distorted him, forcing him into hiding and out of Greek's sun. A man with a Toreador's soul and the bearing of a Ventrue, he now lives in the basement of the gatehouse on Julian Luna's compound, where he expresses himself in his paintings.

"For the horrors you bring to the innocent, your Prince sentences you to Final Death."

Daedalus, "Romeo and Juliet"

Daedalus killing the coroner He's the prince's enforcer of the Traditions and Commandments. Kindred wrongdoers as well as humans who know too much meet their violent end at his hands. Whenever there's a breach of the Law, Daedalus is sent to take care of it. He's a ruthless killer; quick, silent, deadly.

He's the Primogen of the Nosferatu, the clan whose mere appearance on the scene stopped a clan war. They may be called "Sewer Rats", yet even the reckless Brujah fear the Nosferatu, and Daedalus is the most powerful of them.

"I would gladly give up my role as Primogen to be at your side."

Daedalus to Julian Luna, "Bad Moon Rising"

Daedalus with Julian The Nosferatu's traditional stance of neutrality in Kindred matters often forces Daedalus to stand on the sidelines, observing, and, occasionally, advising. Yet, his friendship with the prince is more important to him than his clan when push comes to shove.

The Nosferatu's presence in San Francisco keeps the peace and is possibly the one guarantee that Julian Luna will remain prince, for everyone knows that Daedalus will always find a way past his clan's neutrality in order to aid his friend.

"I can't watch you die, child. I've tried, but I can't."

Daedalus to Abel, "Romeo and Juliet"

Daedalus with Abel But he will risk even that friendship and bend the laws he as Enforcer is more than anyone required to uphold to come to the aid of the helpless and innocent. Even though he's not supposed to interfere, he'll risk everything to ease the suffering of a small child. In the end, he uses his alchemy to cure the child's cancer against the Commandments of the prince.

"She's trying to tell us something. Cuts right through me. I love her, Julian."

Daedalus, "Nightstalker"

Daedalus with Elaine Always hidden in shadow, he observes the humans, feeling deep empathy with their strife and agonies. It is on this level that he can still find his humanity after thousands of years of unlife. By easing another's pain, he can also ease a little of the pain his existence as Nosferatu brought him.

To be close to the humans he desires, he'll risk the dangers of alchemy and of discovery even against the advice of his friend Julian. But of course, this kind of magic can never last.

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