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These are off-site links. The sites' respective warnings apply and should be heeded. Some of these links may lead you into adult territory. They may also lead you into slashy areas. If you don't know what slash is, or if you find the idea of homosexuality offensive, please use extreme discretion when following these links. You have been warned.

Fan Fiction Links


Area52 Authors List - Archive of slash stories

Heliopolis - Archive of gen stories

Jack and Daniel's Place - Home of the JD Archive - slash

Versaphile Stargate Rec-A-Thon - Archive of recommended fan fiction - gen and slash

The Stargate Novel Archive - Archive of novel-length stories

Sandy's Slash Without Consent Links Page - slash links from various fandoms, heed warnings!

The Comfort Zone - SG1HC Archive

The Alpha Gate Archive - Fiction from the season six free list The Alpha Gate

Stargate Sg1 Fanfiction Links page

Bunnyfic - Archive of Favorite Authors

Individual Author Pages

JD Divas Homepage - Website of two of my favorite authors - Biblio and PhoenixE

Stargate Sg-1 slash fiction by Xochiquetzl

Keikotorium - fiction by Keiko Kirin and Thevetia. Multiple Fandoms. Also has rec page.

Stargate SG-1 Angst Fiction Page - Website of DawnC, who writes really great angst

Stargate SG-1 Slash by Anais

The Grotto - Slash and gen by Graculus

Travelling One - Daniel-centered, smarmy gen stories

Fiction by quercus - slash and gen, also turning out to be a favorite author

Joy's Stargate SG1 Pages - Stunning wallpapers and hot slash fiction

Scribe's Fan Fiction

JoaG's Stargate Stories - Stories by a fellow Danny whumper

General Links - Slash or otherwise

Stargate Solutions - formerly known as the Save Daniel Jackson Site, the site that saved my sanity when the news about MS leaving the show came out. Heavily Daniel-centered, they now have news, spoilers, episode reviews and whatnot.

ScifiGate - formerly known as Stargate Daniel Friendly, this site offers screencaps and transcripts, and a host of other information - Your Complete Guide to Stargate - updated regularly, everything you need to know is here

Stargate SG-1 Infomation Archive - They don't have downloadable episodes anymore... but I'm keeping it bookmarked anyway.

StargateFan.Com - Maintained by Yum@, this site contains everything a fan could ask for.

Spacemonkey and Flyboy

Bri's Wallpapers - one of the best wallpaper sites I've come across

Stargate SG-1 Reference Info

Sites focussing on Michael Shanks

A Tribute to Stargate SG-1 & Michael Shanks by Kristy. Very nice site by a fellow Daniel and MS lover.

Shamelessly Shanks Screencaps galore - Daniel Jackson and other roles MS has played

Shallow About Shanks - another great source for excellent screenshots

Stargate Music Video Links

D2's Music Vid Archive

Stargate Vids by Rhian.

Wimsy SGVids - Videos by Wimsy

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