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Season 9 is a go!
Ben Browder and Beau Bridges join the cast as series regular
Louis Gossett Jr. and Claudia Black join the cast as recurring characters
Michael Shanks and Chris Judge have signed
Amanda Tapping has signed for 15 episodes
No word on Richard Dean Anderson yet

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Caveat Lector:

This is not a shipper site.

While I'm thoroughly behind the idea of Jack caring more for Sam than he should, I think he feels that way for each member of his team. Besides - Sam never took Jack up on his offer to go fishing. Daniel wanted to, and he would have if it hadn't been for his recent surgery.

This is, in fact, a Jack/Daniel slash site. These two, as has been said before, have enough sparkage between them to power the gate - even if they use that sparkage to bicker more often than not.

This site is about Daniel Jackson, SG-1's archaeologist and conscience. It's also about his relationship to Jack and the rest of the team.

Jack and Daniel

Jack and Daniel

Daniel is played to perfection by Michael Shanks, who will get a few more links and comments soon.

Speaking of Michael Shanks - I came across this image, and I thought I'd share it with you. It's obviously not Daniel, though. Here, during a break in filming of "Lost City", MS demonstrates an alternate use for the Ancient head-hugger ;-)

Fooling around

"You mean Jack and Daniel aren't together?"

Christopher Judge, SGC 2004
Jack and Daniel have one of those relationships that have inspired fan fiction writers for decades. They hardly ever agree, and yet they are in sync. They finish each other's sentences. They communicate with glances. They care, deeply.

In the movie, they were strangers. Jack was on a suicide mission, and Daniel had been given a once in a lifetime opportunity and a way out of a life that held no more appeal for him. Jack found a new reason to live, and Daniel found a new world. Their different approaches met on common ground: "I have an idea" is their first sentence in unison, and this idea lead to their first defeated enemy. They met as strangers, and parted as friends.

When they met again, fate threw them together in the search for Daniel's wife, Sha're, and for a means to defend against Earth's new enemy. Each made concessions: the soldier let the civilian, the geek, into his unit, while the pacifist began to carry weapons and learned to fight alongside his new friends.

They banter. Bantering, for Jack and Daniel, is, according to Daniel's actor Michael Shanks, a "mixture of non-sequiturs and unrequited homosexual tension". A famous example is the hair debate, which has popped up twice.
"Did you get your hair cut?" - "Why?" - "No reason." (Nemesis)
"Has your hair always been that way?" - "What way?" - "Never mind." (Fallen)
And what could possibly top this exchange: "How do I know you're really you?" - "Because." - "Okay". (Spirits)

Sometimes, these things just happen

There I was back in 1999, minding my own business, waiting for Peter Wingfield to appear on Stargate (where he played Tanith, another wonderful villain), and suddenly I found myself in a whole new fandom.

Peter Wingfield as Tanith
SG-1 - Maternal Instinct In order to understand PW's character I had to delve a little deeper into the world of Stargate-SG1, and found a world populated by a smartassed cynical colonel, a stubbornly passionate brilliant archaeologist, a believable female scientist/soldier and a strong, taciturn alien warrior, all combining to give wonderful team dynamics and an exciting science fiction premise.
Next thing I knew, I had the whole of Season 3 on DVD and S1 and 2 on video. My collection is still growing. Season 6 is on my shelf as well (so much for giving it a miss) - what can I say, I'm a complete-ist. Season 7 is now there as well, and what I've seen of Season 8 so far is great!

I am currently working on three new stories. One of them is currently titled "The Stalker". It'll be another Danny-whumping story (what can I say!), and who knows where the Muses will take it. Current length: 32 kb.

Also, I've had a challenge on my guestbook to write a slave!Daniel fic, tentatively titled, well, "The Slave". Current length: 7 kb, which isn't much, I know, but, well. Once I figure out where I'm going with it, there'll be no stopping me!

However, there has been the dreaded Attack Of The Plot Bunny which I'll have to get out of my system first, which is why I haven't worked on the slave story in ages. This latest brain child of mine is tentatively titled "The Replacement" (28 kb). It's about Daniel, and I swear I started it before "Fragile Balance" aired, and when "Covenant" wasn't even a blip on the radar.

Comments? Suggestions? Let me know!

This page updated on 2005-02-18