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Contrary to appearances, I'm still writing. I've taken a long break, but that wasn't due to lack of creativity. I will finish all the stories I've started, it may just take a very long time. I'm terrible with deadlines, especially those I set myself. In the words of the great Chaka, it will take as long as it takes :-).


These stories are considered adult. If you are underage in you locality, please leave now.
These stories may furthermore offend your sensibilities by being a) slash, i.e. describing same-gender sex, b) badly written, c) in bad taste, and/or d) unfinished. So consider your limits and expectations before you proceed.


The characters in these stories aren't mine. If they were, I'd have made a lot of money (a look at my bank account tells me otherwise), and I never would have let Michael Shanks walk (nor claimed that Daniel's arc was over). Neither did nor do I intend to receive any money because of these stories, and I sincerely hope I won't get into trouble because of them, either. If any passing PTB wants to avail himself of my ideas, by all means, go ahead. Seriously.

What I'm currently working on

  • "The Stalker" - title subject to change - a stalker is out to get Daniel. Current length: 31 kb
  • "The Slave" - this title, too, is subject to change - Daniel is enslaved. Current length 12 kb

    Both of these have been done to death by hands worthier than mine, but since I'm working through the clichés here...

    Also in the works: "The Replacement" - title subject, you guessed it, to change. This is a plot bunny that I'll have to work through first. It'll probably end up being J/D slash. Current length: 24 kb.

  • The Magic Of Branwen

    Category: slash (J/D), het, First Time, hurt/comfort
    Warning: depiction of explicit m/f and m/m sex, coercion, BDSM, drug use. If you are squeamish and/or too young to read that kind of thing, don't read it. You have been warned. There's also a lot of gratuitous Danny worship and cuddling. The plot is one big cliché. If you don't like the character of Daniel Jackson, you're probably better off if you don't read this. And so am I.
    Summary: SG-1 encounters a couple of Celtic deities; Daniel gets in trouble, leading to some interesting fallout.
    Size: 106 kb. Posted on 2002-11-26. Feedback always welcome.

    The Comfort Of Touch

    Summary: Daniel brings out unexpected feelings in his fellow team members. (Well, what else is new.)
    Size: 12 kb. Posted on 2002-02-19. Feedback welcome.

    Bouncing Back

    Summary: A collection of hurt/comfort clichés. Daniel gets hurt, and then he gets comforted. That's all there is to it, really.
    Size: 46 kb. Posted on 2002-02-11. Feedback is always welcome. Flames will be sniggered over.

    Comments? Suggestions? Let me know!

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