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Updated October 4


The stories recommended here are considered adult. If you are underage in you locality, please leave now. They are also probably slash, which means they depict two men doing the wild thing. If that is not your cup of beer, turn back now. You have been warned.


The characters in these stories aren't public property. They belong to MGM and whomever else. The ideas and occasional OCs (original characters) are property of the authors, who are given full credit. No copyright infringement of any kind is intended. I am not linking directly to their stories.

What I read last

New!   The Spring Garden, by Suzanne J, at The Alpha Gate Archive

Posted October 2, slash, first time, AU. Again, worlds collide through the quantum mirror.

New!   Perspective, by Brenda Antrim

Posted September 26, slash (Daniel/Skaara, Daniel/Teal'c), drama, AU. Post-Meridian. An ascended Daniel tries to get involved by not getting involved, and a fascinating alternate universe Daniel just tries to stay alive.
This is not my usual fare, but I like the story so much I'm recommending it anyway.

As A Seedling Sprouts, by Travelling One

Posted September 3, gen, drama, hurt/comfort. Daniel tries to make a difference, and it backfires in his face.
And while you're there, go read her other stories.

Buoyancy, by Keiko Kirin

Posted July 17, slash, first time. Jack is convinced Daniel's getting laid, and it leads him to take action.

The Linguist and the Colonel, by Debi C

Posted July 5, slash, first time, hurt/comfort. Danny in distress, Jack to the rescue, misunderstandings. It's all there.

The Eternal Heart, by Sideburns

Posted June 21, slash, first time, hurt/comfort. A Meridian fix-it, beautifully done. I don't often cry when I read fanfic. Here, I did.
Oh, and while you're there, go read her other stories. She's really good.

The Bhadra Trilogy, by quercus

Last part posted July 4, slash, first time, hurt/comfort. A beautiful new culture, a bit of telepathy, angst, drama, action, and first time J/D. What more can a girl ask for?

Suicidium, by DawnC

Posted July, hurt/comfort. Bad things happen to Daniel - and keep happening. This time, Maybourne's out to get him. Takes place immediately following "Forever In A Day", and no, Daniel isn't suicidal, it just looks like it. It's a long story, posted in four parts.

Esprit de Corps, by quercus

Posted February, slash. Another feel-good story and first time story. I'm a sucker for those, and Daniel being in need of Jack's comfort gets me every time.

The Grave Yields Back Her Robberies, by quercus

Posted November 17, slash. This is a feel-good story at its best, and a first time story to boot. It had me smiling happily to myself almost all the way.

Her other stories are worth reading as well.

Hunger, by Keiko Kirin

Posted October 29th, gen or pre-slash. A story with a difference. As with all Keiko's work, I savored it. She can express so much with so little. And I hope there'll be a sequel. Please?

And while you're there, check out her Steak Series. It's delicious.

Comments? Suggestions? Let me know!

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